Master Key Experience Week 17

This week we added more index cards. This time with only shapes. 20 of them. It initially caused me to wonder what all of this ‘card flashing’ could possibly do. Now I see it as feeding subby.

The seed I plant 3x day is my DMP. My Purpose. I don’t want to try to change my mindset using will and not getting results. I reset my mindset, leaving behind my default mode that I obtained from past experiences. Subby’s limiting beliefs are replace by the frequent feeding of it with the index cards. What I focus on gows

The old beliefs. What is it costing me? I starve the old limiting thoughts with the new. Les Brown said something like – look in the mirror and tell the old self to shut up.

I choose to focus on my view of the future which drives my actions in the present. I am becoming the ‘Gal in the Mirror’.

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