Master Key Experience Week 21

Each week we are gifted with a training with Mark J and the wonderful group of ladies. It is always good but somehow keeps getting better. This week went microscopic and beyond to atoms then electons. Juxtoposed with miracles are everywhere and recognizing our own spiritual power.

My experience with this program has been that I am changing how I think. The mind is the vehicle in which thoughts and ideas become emotions, beliefs and actions. You hear everyday attemps to influence the way you see yourself and your life. Advertising tells you that you are constantly in need of something bigger and better to be fulfilled. You have past memories real or preceived that tell you that you aren’t worthy and maybe even today some will try to ‘tear you down’. But it is not the truth of who you really are.

Every day we have the chance to choose how we feel. To act as our true self. My word this year is JOY. It is much different than ‘happy’. It is not dependent on circumstances. I choose joy everyday. I choose to believe I am who God says I am. I am loved. I am blessed. I am a daughter of the King. My peace is an encompassing gift independent of all circumstances.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 21

  1. Thank you for your post. I have made this a rule for my life to -“Every day we have the chance to choose how we feel.” – Somedays my emotions try to hyjack me but like you say in your post, we do get to choose how we want to feel and thus change how we perceive.

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