Master Key Experience Week 21

Each week we are gifted with a training with Mark J and the wonderful group of ladies. It is always good but somehow keeps getting better. This week went microscopic and beyond to atoms then electons. Juxtoposed with miracles are everywhere and recognizing our own spiritual power. My experience with this program has been thatContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 21”


Whatever we set in motion stays in motion. As this experience is now closer to the end, the persistence and new habits formed are creating their own inertia. More and more changes and growth, faster and sometimes easier. I love seeing how the exercises all fit together for something greater than the individual assignment. IContinue reading “MY MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE Week 20”

My Master Key Experience Week 19

Our minds are powerful. That’s why we must guard our mind. I must guard what types of thoughts I think as well as what I’m feeding it. I notice and catch myself being negative much more than I every would have thought I am. Your thoughts can dictate your actions. For what you think onContinue reading “My Master Key Experience Week 19”


This week has been totally amazing. So many good points in the webinar. More and more things are coming together. Simple, Seamless! One great ah ha moment is when we are told the benefits about happiness. One is it makes you smarter because it switches on the learning centers of the brain! Amazing! Previously weContinue reading “Week 18 My MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE”

Master Key Experience – Week 17HJ

HJ stands for heros journey. This week I ponder “What am I pretending not to know” and “Why am I the greatest salesman?” I break from the past and let go of the old, and yet I am returning to my true authentic self. Og’s invitation is to rescue our divine self – the personContinue reading “Master Key Experience – Week 17HJ”